Nine Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Nine ways to achieve your money goalsSetting goals for the new year can be a rewarding feeling, so can taking action to achieve those goals. Feeling that progress begin to fade after a few weeks—less rewarding. If your goals have fallen by the wayside, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s never a bad time to reassess and start over, especially if you have financial goals you want to achieve this year. Whether your goals are to get out of debt, stick to a budget or save more money, your wallet can benefit from these 9 simple ways to cut costs and get back on track.

1. Clip coupons

Reduce your grocery bill by using coupons. First, make a list of everything you need. Then, see if there are coupons for any of the items on your list. Chances are, there will be. Gather your newspaper inserts and start clipping coupons for anything you need or now or in the future. You can also look online for coupons here.

2. Choose store brands over name brands

Most grocery stores will have store brand products. You can cut some extra costs by opting for these generic brands over name brands during your regular grocery trips. You may also want to consider having your groceries delivered rather than going to the store. This will help you stick to your list and avoid purchasing any unnecessary items.

3. Cancel sales alerts and shopping emails

Do you get emails from your favorite stores every time there is a sale or special? Sometimes, these emails can be too tempting and lead to needless purchases. Try unsubscribing to some of these emails to remove the temptation to shop. This way, you’ll avoid needless purchases and only shop when you truly have a need.

4. Declutter and sell some of your old belongings

If you have old clothes or items you don’t use anymore, turn them into cash! Selling anything you no longer need, use or want is a great and quick way to make money and get organized. Try one of these 49 suggestions for selling old items to help you choose the best strategy for you.

5. Lower your utility bills

Utility bills can add up and ultimately eat away at your budget. Plus, some companies have a nasty habit of upping their costs arbitrarily. Call your phone, internet and cable providers and ask them for a better deal. If they think they may lose you as a customer, they will likely lower their costs before they allow that to happen. Using digital streaming subscriptions or a digital antenna can also help you save money and still enjoy your favorite shows.

6. Brown bag it

Do you take your lunch to work every day? Going to lunch is a nice treat, but it can be a costly if you get into the habit of doing it regularly. Instead, try planning out your meals in advance so you have daily lunches already prepared. This will save you time and money.

7. Drive less frequently

Parking and gas can be costly. If you are able, consider alternative means of transportation so you can cut back on driving-related expenses. Try carpooling with neighbors, family members or co-workers. Or, see if there are options to bike or take public transportation in your community. All these options will help you cut back on the money you spend parking or filling your car with gas.

8. Reassess costly memberships and subscriptions

Are you spending money on any services you’re not taking full advantage of, such as a gym membership or television streaming service? Make a list of these memberships and subscriptions, then determine whether you’re taking full advantage of each service. If you’re not, cancel it and pocket the extra money. There is no need in paying for something you don’t use.

9. Take advantage of your tax refund

Tax season is officially here! If you’re entitled to a refund, use it wisely. Try paying down some debts or putting it into savings for a rainy day.

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