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What you need to know about APR

APR: Annual Percentage Rate Defined and Explained

APR—Annual Percentage Rate. You hear it all the time. Usually, you hear it in conjunction with other confusing financial terms. Then, you’re so busy trying to keep up with the conversation that the term...

What You Need to Know About the DebtAway Loan

Product Spotlight: Get to Know the DebtAway Loan

Providing custom-tailored financial solutions to consumers is at the core of New Credit America’s mission. The DebtAway Loan is one of several of our solutions aimed at helping you get back on your feet...

The New Credit America Team Celebrates the Company's Third Anniversary

New Credit America Turns Three!

Last week, we pulled out the balloons, party hats and birthday cake to celebrate New Credit America’s third birthday. What was once just a dream to help people struggling with debt has now become...