The Reload Loan: Get to Know our Newest Product

What you can do with your Reload LoanIf you’ve dealt with financial troubles in the past, or are just starting to get back on your feet after a long financial recovery, financial flexibility is the ideal result. However, it’s one that can often feel far away or hard to obtain. But, at New Credit America our ideal result is to provide solutions that help you get the results you need. Thanks to our newest product, the Reload Loan, you can get financial flexibility fast!

What’s the Reload Loan

The Reload Loan is a personal installment loan of up to $10,000 deposited directly into your checking account. This loan is your money to use how you see fit. It’s great for those extra expenses you’ve been putting off until you finally have extra money, such as home or auto repairs.

Who is eligible?

The Reload Loan is a great solution for you if you’re in the process of improving your financial health. To see if this product is right for you, answer a few simple questions here. Don’t worry if your credit is a work in progress.

Why choose the Reload Loan?

The Reload Loan is quick, flexible, and straightforward. If you’re approved for the loan, it only takes as little as 2 business days for your Reload loan to be deposited into your checking account. Plus, it’s customizable to you. You can choose the amount, duration and repayment plan that best fits your needs. Plus, with the Reload Loan you’re getting a fixed interest rate with NO additional loan fees! We’ll also report everything to the credit bureaus for you.

How does the application work?

The Reload application is fast, (just 3 steps!) and the results are faster.

To start your application, visit If you already have a reservation code, enter it in the box provided. If you don’t, that’s ok! Just click the button that says ‘Don’t have a code? Click here’. Then, complete a simple credit application. It’s ok if your credit score isn’t perfect. Next, complete our simple income verification process. Last, our verification team will review your application and call you if they have any questions. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email with a link to complete your final documents online.

Want to know more about what the Reload Loan can do for you? Click here to answer a few simple questions,or give us a call at 1-888-701-1379.

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